Free RNA

Marianna Goldrick goldrick at
Mon Sep 15 14:33:01 EST 1997

TO: Researchers interested in RNA isolation from cultured cells.
Hi Folks, I am an R&D scientist at Ambion, Inc., a biotech company in
Austin, Texas. We are working on a product fro medium-scale RNA
isolation from tissue and cells, and would like to test it out on a
variety of different cell types. If anyone who is growing eukaryotic
cells in culture would like us to purify total cellular RNA from same
using our product, we could send you the reagent for lysing the cells,
then you could send us the lysate (shipment at ambient temperature
should be OK), and we would send you back the purified RNA. Anyone
interested can contact Marianna Goldrick at 1-800-888-8804, ext. 6118,
or e-mail me at goldrick at Thanks!

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