Shmoo revealed

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Wed Sep 17 19:03:30 EST 1997

>Colin Martel wrote: It's irrelevant to the question but I can't find 
what a schmoo is. Before I search anymore, I'd at least like to know 
if it's a real animal. Anyone has a clue? Or better, a picture? (now 
that would be impressive).

Hi Colin,

A shmoo is a cartoon animal from the L'il Abner comic strip ... it 
resembles an obese bowling pin, is white all over, except for two black
points for eyes. Apparently it is easy to raise, and gives milk, butter
and eggs copiously. I suppose it is the great invention of the cartoonist, 
Al Capp. He gave it a lovable, huggable personality such that it would
serve equally well as a pet or a domestic animal ... the answer to man's
food needs.


PS. I drew you my recollection of what a shmoo looked like:

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