UNLIMITED Visa Card with NO payments!!!

admin at nvcard.com admin at nvcard.com
Thu Sep 18 09:53:18 EST 1997

How would YOU like to have an UNLIMITED Visa Card with NO payments?

Have I got  GOOD NEWS  for you!! What if funds were continually deposited to your Visa account so that you always have a SURPLUS and NEVER have a payment due? Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC!! You could use your Visa Card to make purchases for anything  you want, anywhere Visa is accepted. And of course, that's just about everywhere. You will NEVER go into debt. You will NEVER get a bill asking for a payment. You WILL get a statement showing how much MORE money has been sent to your account!! Use your new Visa Card instead of your hard earned cash to buy groceries, clothing or gasoline for your entire family. You could even pay the car payment with your Visa Card!!! Pay off bills or other charge cards. How about a vacation? YES, you can even get CASH at an ATM or bank!!! The possibilities are endless!! Buy everything you need and the luxuries you've always wanted, and you NEVER have to make a payment. You will NEVER owe anything!!! Is that  GOOD NEWS  or what!! Thanks to computers,!
 the Internet, e-mail and the UNLIMITED opportunities this technology brings to us, the impossible is now possible. It's easy, ANYONE can do it!!  There's NO credit check. It's NEW, it's REAL, don't miss out!

SEND  AN  E-MAIL  with   'VISA'   in the subject box to:   goodnews at writeme.com
I will tell you where to get your Card.
p.s. You can get an additional, separate Visa Card account for your spouse.

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