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Wed Sep 17 21:23:00 EST 1997

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 Learn the Internet Tools that are used to investigate you, your friends,
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 InterNet site will give you thousands of Internet location to look up people,
 credit, social security, current or past employment, driving records, medical
 information, addresses, phone numbers and maps to city locations.

 Every day the media is full of stories about Personal Information being used,
 traded and sold over the internet....usually without your permission or knowledge
 With our report, we will show you how it is done.

 It's amazing.......

 Locate a debtor that is hiding, or get help in finding hidden assets.  Find
 that old romantic interest.  Find E-mail, telephone or address information
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 working on a family tree or history.  Our report turns what once was years of
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 Check birth, death, adoption or social security records


        Check service records of Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps.
        Find out who has been telling the truth and who's been lying.
        Perhaps you can uncover the next lying politician !!!!

Fellow Employees:

        Find out if your fellow employee was jailed on sex charges,or has other
       "skeletons" in the closet !!!!

Perform Background Checks:

        Check credit, driving or criminal records, verify income or educational
        claims, find military history and discipline, previous political affiliations

Your Children's Friends:

        Find out the background of your childrens friends and dates.

Whats the Law ? Stop Guessing:

        Look up laws, direct from law libraries around the world.  Is that new
        business plan legal ??

New Town ? New Job ? New Life ?

        Employment ads from around the world can be found on the internet.  Get
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The Internet can tell you just a bout ANYTHING with the help of our report.

Research yourself first !  What you will find will scare you.

Our Report has an iron clad Satisfaction Guarantee.  If within 30 days your
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