Earn $450 commissions Part-Time!

wizard7 at CHEERFUL.COM wizard7 at CHEERFUL.COM
Sun Sep 21 03:24:21 EST 1997

I'm Ron Stewart, President of FPANY.
I saw  you listed on the internet and I believe 
that you can supplement your income
by working with us.  Please take a minute
and read the following and contact me
at your earliest convenience.

and more setting up businesses to accept Visa,
MasterCard, American Express and Discover Credit cards
with their own Merchant Account.  We specialize in
Internet Businesses, Home Based Businesses, etc. 
We offer the lowest discount rates in the industry and
we have the best exclusive sales
and marketing materials available  plus
web pages set up that you can use.  You can also
earn money with our Telephone Check Payment
Systems, Inc. company which allows businesses
to accept personal and business checks by phone,
fax or internet.  Phone-fax-email for FREE INFORMATION.

Send email to wizard7 at cheerful.com

[make sure that your AOL email preferences are set to
receive ALL mail]

Financial Planning Associates,  210 Fifth Ave., Suite 1102
New York, NY 10010

Phone our office  [718] 287-3800  Ext. 918
[9 am to 10 pm NY time- we will be pleased to speak 
with you and answer your questions!]
Email wizard7 at cheerful.com
Fax [718]462-5920
Check out our web sites at
http://www.fpany.com/merchant or /check.

Phone our 24 hour Fax-On-Demand System
[from your fax machine or PC with Fax modem]
[718] 469-9305 ask for document #7020 for Merchant 
program and #7050 for Telephone Check.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and 
I look forward to speaking with you.
Ron Stewart

PS- For an illustrated brochure by fax or mail,
please email your fax number and/or name and
mailing address.

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