Nagasaki aquarium is going to be closed

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Let's join in the campaign against shut down decision of the Nagasaki 

The Nagasaki Aquarium, once which was the top most in the orient, 
is going to be closed in march of the next year due to economic reason.

In the view of penguin's breeding and keeping facilities, still now it is 
one of  the leading aquarium in the world. Among others, 115 individuals
of 7 species of penguin is the treasure of this aquarium. A 35-year old
penguin, named Guinkichi, which is the oldest one in Japan, also living

Although the Ueno Zoo is the largest and famous zoo in Japan but the 
Nagasaki Aquarium is more valuable than that one because, it has 
glorious achievements and experiences in penguins breeding, and 
moreover it is existing in the Nagasaki City which is carrying the symbol
of international friendship and peace. Every year a large number foreigner 
visits here to show their unity in favor of peace.

After the devastating second world war, the Japanese govt. adopted a 
law to build-up Nagasaki, where the second atomic bomb blasted during 
the time of second world war, as an international peace and cultural city. 
According to that law, the Nagasaki Aquarium was established in 1959 
by the joint ventures of some companies and the Nagasaki City Authority. 
During the period of late 1960's, 400-thousand visitors per year used to 
paid visit in this aquarium which has come down recently only 120-thousand
per year due to poor accessibilities and competition with other amusement 
parks. That is why, it's economic strength is decreasing day by day.

Shut down can't be a solution of this problem. By increasing facilities, it 
is possible to attract a large number visitor which will give a new dimension 
of its economic strength. 

So, let's call the Nagasaki City Authority, one of the most important
investor for this aquarium, to withdraw the shut down decision of the 
Nagasaki Aquarium from every corner of the world.

Now, a signature-collecting campaign is going on against the shut down 
Please join with us, and please throw an strong opinion to the Nagasaki 
City Authority in favor of the survival of the Nagasaki Aquarium.

Nagasaki city tourism division's E-mail address is: 
ajisai3 at   
S M A Mobin
Graduate School of Marine Science and Engg.
Nagasaki University

Mobin SMA
Nagasaki University
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