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Todays Issue

1) 15 Pieces of Stupid Trivia

2)  Shameless Commercial Content

             Non-Fiction Book... ABOVE BLACK

             Shuttle Crew Operations Manual

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                  Mindless But Interesting Trivia

1)  Most common time to sight a UFO:  11 p.m.

2)  Percentage of sightings that occur in urban areas: 16%

3)  Number of women who underwent breast augmentation in
     1992: 32,607   

4)  In 1996:  87,704

5)  Cost of the average facelift:  $4,156

6)  Number of all plastic surgeries performed on men: 1 in 4

7)  Busiest time for plastic surgeons' offices:  Christmas time

8)  Height of the average female mannequin: 6 feet

9)  Height of the average woman:  5 feet, 4 inches

10)  Size of the average female mannequin: 6

11)  Size of the average woman:  11

12)  Mannequin's hips: 34 inches

13)  Woman's hips:  40 inches

14)  Number of years the average woman's life will 
        increase by the year 2020: 10 years

15)  Years the average man's life will increase by: 6 years

*************************  WARNING!!!!!  **********************
))))))))))))))))   Shameless Commercial Content   ((((((((((((((

                     Non-Fiction Book
             (OneTeam Publishing, 1997)

ABOVE BLACK- Insider Account of Alien Contact and
Government Cover-Up.  Fascinating true story of ex-
USAF intelligence operator's role as an intuitive
communicator for the National Security Agency.  One
of the most fascinating revelations that has come
out of the military ranks about aliens since the
first-hand Roswell accounts.

Not available in stores until 1998.  Order your advance
copy today from OneTeam Publishing.

For more information
mailto:aboveblack at wit-n-wisdom.com
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             Shuttle Crew Operations Manual

The operators manual for the world's first true

This is the actual manual issued by NASA for Shuttle
astronauts.  Its 1,176 pages cover all systems 
operations, operating limitations, normal and
emergency procedures, trajectory management,
flight characteristics, integrated operations,
performance, panel and CRT displays, and much

The Shuttle Crew Operations Manual has very limited
distribution within NASA and the astronaut corp.  Get
your copy of this rare document.  

For more info:
mailto:shuttle at wit-n-wisdom.com
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