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Do you take vitamins? OR do you lift weights/aerobics/ride a
bicycle/exercise in anyway? OR need, or want more, stamina to
participate in other special practices? OR dislike the many chemicals
found in most solvents? OR tired of buying a solvent for your car,
house, yard, etc., and it not working properly? OR wash clothes? OR have
pets? OR trying to loose weight?  OR do you or your kids have acne?  OR
do you have Arthritis, Bronchitis, Heart problems, etc., etc? OR and the
list goes on.

I'm not trying to sell you anything, I am trying to tell you that
Melaleuca is the product for all of the above situations and some.  For
example, I was born with Bronchitis and it would kick in 3 or 4 times a
year, but it has been dormant ever since December of 1995, plus I have
never had any illness other than maybe a 24 hour runny nose.  Melaleuca
Oil comes from the Alternifolia Tree in Australia.  Back in 1770 Captain
Cook and his crew landed there, and most of his crew members had
scabies.  The men drank the Melaleuca Tea that the aborigines drank and
it disappeared.  In 1922 Dr. A.R. Penfold documented the effectiveness
of it and it(Melaleuca) was used in many illnesses, until Penicillin was
invented.  If you fought during WWII than you know that most soldier,
those in the field, carried a packet of Melaleuca for any surprised
illnesses that might arise.

If you do any of the matters, and others, that I mentioned in the above
paragraph than Melaleuca is for you.  You save money, you don't have to
go to the store for the products are delivered to you.  And, if you want
to make some extra money you can do that too.  If you choose to make a
few extra bucks - anywhere from having all of your products free to
making $1,000s of dollars a month you can do that, and there are no
sales or paperwork to do.

Most important though is your health for even if you have a lot of
money, it is worthless if you have bad health.


P.S. Also, I know the cure of how to stop smoking, and it is FREE, no
strings attached.  I am not posting it at this time because there is a
lot to it.  If you want to know e-mail me and I will send it to you.

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