used or rebuilt microscope wanted

William Tivol tivol at
Thu Sep 25 15:26:46 EST 1997

CNickRoot (cnickroot at wrote:
: I am a university junior, biology major, and am looking to increase my
: ability to do work/study away form the university.  I would like to know
: where I can get a cheap binocular disecting scope.  I need to be able to
: disect/identiy plants, insects, and similar sized objects.  Anyone?  
: I'll look here for a reply vs email, I'm a vegetarian:can't stand SPAM.

Dear CNickRoot,
	Try posting this to "sci.techniques.microscopy" or subscribe to the
microscopy list by sending email to "listserver at".  For
the latter, put "subscribe microscopy yourname at youraddress" in the text.
Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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