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----------- Floodgate Bulk E-mail Loader for Windows
Version 5.2 now Supports 12 File Formats including AOL



I've developed an new marketing strategy. The people
I've already taught this to have more leads than they
can deal with!

Every single day our mailboxes are stuffed, with new
inquiries, questions and that wonderful phrase, "I've
just sent you an order."

Floodgate is a bulk e-mail loader. It allows you to
easily build huge targeted mailing lists. Use these
lists to send your marketing letter, or your clients'
marketing letter, to hundreds of thousands of people.

As you know, there is no charge to send e-mail via the

Using Floodgate you can:

* Market your product or service to thousands, even
millions of prospects, without paying one dime in
advertising costs. * Compile targeted mailing lists you
can sell to online entrepreneurs. * Launch your own bulk
e-mail service. * Build giant master lists you can use
again and again as you develop new marketing campaigns *
Publish an electronic magazine and earn huge profits
selling ads.

But we've found that many Floodgate users want even more
 . . more to help them get their online business up and
running at little effort . . . more to keep their
mailboxes stuffed with orders day after day.

**Bullet-Proof Autoresponders            	
**Bulk Friendly ISP Service 
**Bullet-Proof Web Sites
**Guide to Bulk Email-Many people earn 
large amounts of money using Bulk Email-Find out how.
**45 Million Email Addresses on CD-ROM
**650 How-To-Reports on CD-ROM. You can run your own on-line Publishing 
     Business from home.
**Search Engine Magic -Information on how to get your Web Site in #1 Position
**Offshore Reprot -Information on how to legally reduce your taxes to ZERO
**Merchant Credit Card Set-up
	$299.00 Complete
**Check-by-Fax Set-up
	$189.00 Complete
**Classified Ad Secrets- Tiny classified ads can make you RICH! We show you how.
**FREE Pre-Paid Phone Card With Every 


To order Floodgate Demo or to receive information about any of our 
services or Information products send an email to web-contact at pwrmarket.com

Floodgate, the first and best bulk e-mail manager available, now has a
new "cousin".....the Goldrush bulk e-mail program. Goldrush will
provide bulk e-mail advertisers with addtional tools that will make
their online marketing efforts easier and more effective.

If you are a registered user of Floodgate that utilizes the hardlock
rather than numerical codes to make Floodgate fully functional, your
hardlock will automatically give you access to Goldrush. The only
limitation is that you will only be able to have 2 concurrent SMTP
sessions rather than the 30 in the fully registered version.

Here are some of the features designed into this major release: 

** Can handle any size mailing list. 5 million, 10 million, etc. 

** Also can be set to do partial mailings. 

** Multi-tasking: you can send at many times your normal mailing

** User definable multi-tasking. Maximum 100 concurrent sessions! 

** Standard stealth: user definable From address plus forged message
id number. 

** Automatically seeds the mailing, as defined by your parameters. 

** Forge the Header - Message ID - ISP's will Spin their wheels trying
to find out which user sent the e-mail. 

** Add's a Bogus Authenticated Sender to the Header. 

** Add's a complete bogus Received From / Received By line with real
time / date stamp and recipient to the Header. 

** Does NOT require a valid POP Account be entered in order to send
your mailings. 

** Easy to use and operate 

** Plus much more! 

Goldrush will not work on Windows 3.1. It is a 32 bit application. 

Any Floodgate user with a hardlock, will be able to download and use a
somewhat limited version of Goldrush for free that will allow sending
via 2 consecutive SMTP servers, forged from and reply to addresses,
and a forged message ID. Purchase of the "Pro" version of Goldrush
will unlock more advanced Stealth feathres. All versions of Floodgate
of 5.1 or later function with a hardlock. The "Floodgate" mode will
only allow 2 concurrent sessions, and 20 smtp servers. This is twice
as fast as a normat e-mail program like Pegasus or Eudora a lot easier
to use. 

According to people that are now using GoldRush, it's much more
successful than other email programs that claim stealth capabilities.
Users are reporting that they are consistently successful in getting
their bulk email through to Compuserve and Americal Online where they
were unable to do so with other email programs. 

Pricing for GoldRush

If you purchase Floodgate, either the $249.95 no-tech-support version
or the $349.95 full tech support version, you will get a copy of
GoldRush that will allow 2 SMTP sessions (doubling the normal speed of
your mailing) and that has some limited, but very effective, stealth

Registered users of Floodgate, version 5.2 or later, can upgrade to
the full 30 SMTP professional version of GoldRush for only $199.95. 
If you wish to purchase the professional version of GoldRush as a
"stand-alone" product, the purchase price is $299.95.

For information on ordering Floodgate or  GoldRush, just send an e-mail to
web-contact at pwrmarket.com and I'll send you the current order form.

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