San Diego Biotech Incubator Program: Lab Space Available

Stephen G. Hall hallsg at
Fri Sep 26 02:11:41 EST 1997

Chamberlain & Grow, Inc. (CNGI) is starting the first of several biotech
incubators in the San Diego, CA area.  CNGI is part of several small
companies that has resulted from affiliations with a large pharmaceutical
company and one of the world's largest research institutions in La Jolla,

The first of the incubators is strategically located near the University
of California at San Diego, the Salk Institute, the Burnham Institute, and
the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation. In addition, the area is home
to many of the world's most prominent biotechnology companies.  

The incubators are in a highly-visible business area and very close to the
5 and 805 freeways as well as within walking distance to the commuter
train station.  There are banks, exercise facilities, postal services, day
care facilities and restaurants less than a mile away from the
incubators.  New housing subdivisions are within a short driving distance
on surface streets.   The Pacific Ocean is a couple of miles due west. 

This is an ideal situation for a researcher who desires to start a company
and has limited funding and business expertise.  Some examples would be an
individual who has received a small investment from friends, family or
private investors or someone who has a Phase 1 SBIR award from the NIH,
NSF, DoD or other agency. It enables one to have a lab without any of the
cost to set one up.

Before a business enters the incubator, an agreement will be negotiated
that is beneficial to both parties and that will be used to monitor

Terms of Participation

When a business is established and successful and completes the term of
the agreement under the Phase it is in,  it can move out of the incubator
or continue onto the next phase.

Incubator Services - The incubator provides the following services, which
can be set up in different phases.  There is NO obligation to move from
one phase to the next in the program.  While the specific of the phases
will vary depending on the particular agreement, a typical example of how
a program might be set up along the potential time follows:

Phase 1 (months 0-3):
Low cost laboratory and furnished or unfurnished office space for 1 or
more individuals.
State of the art core facility completely equipped with molecular biology
and cell culture equipment.  
Shared laboratory assistant for general lab cleaning, stocking and ordering.
Common copier and FAX.
Dial-up, ISDN or T1 connection to the internet depending on the particular
facility and intended usage.
Lease of IBM, Mac, or UNIX-based computer systems from CNGI.
Monthly allotment of reagents and supplies consistent with normal usage.
Subaccount with all major suppliers that eliminates the need to provide
trade and credit references.
Monitored security system in lab and offices.
24 hour access to all facilities.

Phase 2: (months 2-4)
Phase 1 plus
Shared or private administrative assistant.
Shared or private laboratory assistant.
Web site hosting and development.
Executive services.

Phase 3 (months 3-6):
Phase 2 plus 
Assistance with forming a Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board,
or Business Advisory Board.
Assistance with grant writing.
Assistance with development, writing, and distribution of a sound business plan.
Assistance with public relations.

Phase 4 (months 6-12):
Phase 3 plus
Introduction to venture funds, one of which is planned to be part of CNGI
the middle of next year.
Introduction to certain pharma and corporate partners that CNGI is
affiliated with.
Potential licensing of the entrepreneur's technology if desired.
Assistance in technology assessment, acquisition, development and
Entrepreneur Responsibilities - The entrepreneur will be expected to meet
the following conditions for the different phases:

Phase 1 and Phase 2:
Pay the incubator a reduced rent and for the actual cost of lab and office
Sign a mutual confidentiality agreement.
Provide evidence of property and general commercial liability insurance
that is consistent with the entrepreneur¹s business.
Cooperate with other incubated businesses for everyone's benefit. 

Phase 3 and Phase 4:
All of the conditions under Phases 1 and 2.
A small negotiable cash and equity position in exchange for services.

There is NO obligation to move from one phase to the next in the program.
In addition, Phase 3 and 4 can be completed after the business has moved
into its own facility.

Current opportunities:

There is currently space available for 3 tenants in the existing
incubator, which has approximately 3,200 square feet of lab and office

Future opportunities:

There will be 2 or more additional facilities available around February or
March of 1998 in the same area of San Diego.  These facilities will range
from 4,000-25,000 square feet, which are divisible into smaller labs and
offices.  Space in these planned facilities must be reserved by around

If you are interested, please email or FAX a cover letter along with a
brief, non-confidential summary consisting of a few pages that addresses:

1. The mission of your company.
2. A brief history and background of the company and you.
3. The potential market size
4. A brief analysis of the competition
5. The essence of your value proposition.
6. Financial needs 
              Initial cash needed
              Potential sources of revenue
7. Your current or intended management team
8. The level of services you require from the incubator and the
approximate time you will need them.

Please note that this is not a notice of jobs offered.  Principals only please.

Direct this to:

Stephen G. Hall, Ph.D.
Chamberlain & Grow, Inc.
email: hallsg at
FAX: 619.794.7053

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