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Sat Sep 27 09:59:38 EST 1997

Want peace of mind?  Money can't buy it!  PEACE OF MIND ONLY COMES FROM HAVING CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE!!!

Hello, I'm Dr. Jim Cook.  I've been a therapist and family & marriage counselor for over 25 years,  and I've learned one thing:  Most people's problems can be avoided if they have an understanding of a few basic laws of human nature that cause them to make bad choices -- choices that result in costly mistakes and shattered lives.  Now this information is available to everyone in everyday, easy-to-understand manuscript form.  "The Complete Guide to Successful Living" explains the instinctive desires and motivating forces that drive your life, and how you can understand and control them.  It gives you the answers to such questions as:

 --  Why is it hard for men to commit to a relationship?
 --  What can you do to reduce stress and lessen anxiety?
 --  What can you do to bring excitement back to your marriage?
 --  Why could winning a lottery destroy your life?
 --  What does every good salesman know that you don't?
 --  Why is retirement a death sentence for many people?
  --  What is the truth about the "seven-year itch," and why do 50% of marriages fail by the end
     of their fourth year?
 --  In what way are many primitive cultures more advanced than we?
 --  How can you tell the difference between real love and mere infatuation?
 --  What force do you command that is stronger than willpower, and how do you use it?
 --  What should you know to make the loss of a personal relationship less painful?
 --  What is the answer to the problem of ageing, and what can we do about the elderly?
 --  How can you still enjoy life when you're too old for sex?
 --  What should you know about death and dying that will overcome your fear of death?

All this and much, much more.

But best of all, this information is condensed into just one hour's reading time.  You can quickly find the answers to your present or potential problems without having to wade through endless pages of psycho-babble.  This is a cradle-to-grave, straight-to-the-point text that cuts to the heart of life and the forces that govern it.  Since it deals with problems concerning children, adolescents, young adults, grown-ups, and the elderly, it has something for everyone.  

Start taking control of your life now by ordering your copy of "The Complete Guide to Successful Living" today.  You can get it immediately as an e-mail attachment in ASCII text by simply sending your e-mail address along with only $4.00 to me at the address shown below.  Or, if you want it in the form of a neat-appearing computer print-out with a title page, bold heads, classic-style body type with italics, etc., just send your mailing address along with $9.00 and I'll print and mail a copy to you.

Either way, "The Complete Guide to Successful Living" will prepare you for virtually every problem that life can present.  If it only prevents your making just one of life's many costly mistakes, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of times its cost.  But it will do much more than that.  It will enable you to control your destiny.  I think you'll agree that "The Complete Guide of Successful Living" is the only self-help reference you'll ever need.   And at these prices, what do you have to lose??? 

    Jim Cook, Ph.D.
    214 Old Hickory Blvd.
    Box 133
    Nashville, TN 37221

Thanks for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  But, if you don't want to learn more about life and successful living, just reply with the word "Remove" as the subject and I'll take you off my mailing list.


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