Normal Eukaryotic Cell

Hernan Espinoza espinoza at
Tue Sep 30 12:30:40 EST 1997

David Hagerberg <mik_daha at> writes:


>In our PhD-course in mycology we started to discuss what special
>features there are in a fungal cell compared to the normal eukaryotic
>cell. Soon we started to discuss what the *normal* eukaryotic cell is.

>Now I would like to release for discussion:

>What is a normal eukaryotic cell?

	Depends on what you mean by "normal" doesn't it?  If
you mean one that functions as it should, then you can just pick
your favorite.  If you mean the archetype, I would argue there ain't
no such thing, they are just too varied.   They share enough common features
to make some generalizations, but in biology the devil is in the

>What is the most common eukaryotic cell?

	Some kind of fungus, I would imagine, they are everywhere...
possibly a protist?  Maybe a nematode cell?

>Looking forward for opinions!

	That all I can give you.  -Hernan

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