DMS production and plankton

Mr A Yool lsrgi at
Wed Apr 1 05:12:42 EST 1998

Dear All,

I'm a member of a small group of plankton modellers at the SOC
in Southampton, UK.  We're wanting to adapt one of our existing
world-ocean plankton models to give us some information about
the geographical distribution of dimethyl sulphide production,
and would be interested to hear from any groups already doing
modelling work in this area, or from any groups involved in DMS
work which might help us more accurately model its production
by plankton (our models only include raw primary production at
present, and we know that DMS production isn't just a simple
direct correlation with this).

Thanks in advance,


 Dr. Andrew Yool, Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton
		e-mail : axy at

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