The First International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure

Sergey V. Lavryushev svl at
Thu Apr 2 10:20:31 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to inform you of our plans for this year to organize an
international conference at Novosibirsk Science Center- Altai Mountains
(Russia) on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure.

The First International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation
and Structure

(BGRS'98) Novosibirsk - Altai mountains, Russia
August 24 - 31, 1998

Official site
IC&G SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Mirror site:
The Sanger Centre,UK
Baylor College of Medicine ,USA

Program/Organizing committee

Nikolay Kolchanov, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia
(Chairman of the conference)
Victor Solovyev, The Sanger Centre, Cambridge, UK (Co-chairman)
Martin Bishop, Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre (UK)
Philip Bourne, SDSC, San-Diego, USA
Soren Brunak, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis,Denmark
Jean-Michel Claverie, Structural & Genetic Information (CNRS),France
Julio Collado-Vides, National University of Mexico, Mexico
Lev Kisselev, Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow
George Michaels, George Mason University, U.S.A. (U.S.A. - co-organizer)
Luciano Milanesi, ITBA, Milan, Italy
G. Christian Overton, Center for Bioinformatics University of Pennsylvania
Bruce A. Roe, University of Oklahoma, Norman, U.S.A.
Masaru Tomita, Bioinformatics laboratory of Keio University, Japan
Vladimir Tumanian, Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology,Moscow
Edgar Wingender, GBF, Braunschweig, Germany
Michael Zhang Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor,USA

This conference will be the first in the series and run from August,  24-31,
1998. We expect a shift of experimental activity from direct sequencing to
investigation of genome functioning and regulation in nearest future and,
therefore, accumulation, analysis, and recognition of genomic regulatory
sequences should soon become major Bioinformatics' problems.
Currently, a lot of information on various types of functional elements has
been accumulated in different databases and in literature; however, there is
no common standards in the data description and no typical model of data
representation, preventing convenient usage of this information in computer
methods. While many different approaches and computer programs have been
developed, we are far from the ability of accurate prediction of many
functional regions, such as, for example, eukaryotic promoters. Of course,
the most aspects of genome functioning and regulation are tightly connected
with the structure of genome elements.

 Our goal is to bring together about 60 researchers that are interested in
these problems to discuss the basic approaches, problems with data
description and analysis as well as the future trends in this field. We look
forward to an exciting, productive conference and encourage you to take part
in it. Please email us if you are interested in the conference and indicate
the subjects that you consider most important to be discussed at the
conference (see items 1-12 below). Please feel free to make any comments
about the scope of the conference: any suggestions are welcome.


Databases on regulatory genomic sequences and regulatory proteins;
Integration of data on regulation of gene expression;
Genenets: databases, computer analysis, and modeling of metabolic
Computer methods of analysis and recognition of regulatory genomic
Methods of analysis and prediction of functional site activity;
Computer technologies for automatic knowledge discovery on gene regulation;
Gene structure prediction;
Models of transcriptional and translational control;
Large-scale genome analysis and functional annotation of nucleotide
sequences;the search for objective methods in annotating and finding signals
in genomic sequences;
Evolution of regulatory genomic sequences;
Aspects of protein structure connected with regulation;
Experimental studies in understanding transcriptional activation;


Plenary lectures, symposia, posters and Internet computer demonstrations,
round table sessions

Application form

Please, inform us if you would like to participate by sending the short
application form as soon as possible,it will help to arrange possible
travel/accomodation support and reserve the mountain hotel facility


Extended abstracts/short communications of all the accepted presentations
(up to 4 pages) including posters and computer demonstrations will be
published in the Conference Proceedings, which will be distributed to all
participants. It is planned that a full-length papers will be invited by the
Organizing Committee for publication in a special issue of the journal
"BIOINFORMATICS" (CABIOS) after the reviewing process.


The closing date for receiving extended abstracts of presentations is APRIL
30, 1998. The decision on acceptance for presentation will be communicated
by May 31, 1998. Authors are urged to specify the category to which they are
submitting their paper (oral presentation, poster, or computer
demonstration). Submissions must be written in English and include title,
author's name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address,
and a list of keywords. Please, send alltogether with abstract the VISA
registration form . Could You kindly provide us with this form. All these
details are essential to help you in obtaining Russian visa.

Both extended abstract and VISA registration form should be sent to:

Prof. Nikolay Kolchanov
 Institute of Cytology and Genetics,
Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia:
Phone +7(3832) 333468
FAX: +7(3832) 331278
mail: kol at   WWW:


The Conference will take place in 2 locations: starting  in  the Instutute
of Cytology and Genetics (Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok) and continued in the
Altai mountains.  Akademgorodok is the one of largest scientific centres  in
Russia. University and over 30 research institutes are situated there. The
Institute of Cytology and Genetics is conducting an active reasearch in
Bioinformatics, developing databases of regulatory sequences (TRRD) and
computational approaches for sequence analysis. The first part of the
conference will take place in the conference hall of this Institute. The
second part  will be in the place located about 600 km from Novosibirsk near
one of the Sibirian archeological monuments, the so-called Denisova Cave. A
lot of drawings of ancient people that lived 10-20 thousand years ago are on
the walls of this cave.  The Altai International Center  of the Institute of
Archeology, created as a research  and  tourist center, is located in this
place. This place has all required facilities for the conference sessions.
Altai is a place associated with important events of the world history, from
the settlement of the modern type man in Asia and genesis of the most
ancient cultures of the Stone Age. It is also one of the centres of
biological diversity and origin of unique  plants and animals.

TRAVEL, INFORMATION (will be on the WEB later)

SPONSORING information will be released on the WEB, additional sponsors are

Contact adresses:

Prof. Nikolay Kolchanov
 Institute of Cytology and Genetics,
Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia:
Phone +7(3832) 333468
FAX: +7(3832) 331278
mail: kol at   WWW:

Dr. Victor Solovyev
Victor Solovyev
The Sanger Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA, UK
Email: solovyev at
Phone: 44-1223-494799  FAX:   44-1223-494919

BGRS'98 application form
 ( Please, send us the application form as soon as possible, it will help to
arrange possible travel/accomodation support and reserve the mountain hotel
facility ):

Thank You.
Prof Dr Mr Ms
First name
Organization Address Town/City Post/Zip Code Country
E-mail Phone Fax

I would like to present
Oral      Poster    Internet computer demonstration


BGRS'98  V I S A registration form ( closing date is April 30, 1998):

Could You kindly provide all these details, since they are essential for
obtaining Russian visa. Thank You.

Prof Dr Mr Ms

Surname     First name      Second name
Organization     Position     Speciality
Date of birth        Place of birth       Citizenship       Passport number
(if you have)
 Working address     Town/City      Post/Zip Code    Country    E-mail
Phone  Fax
What languages do you speak
Have you been before in Russia (please, mention when and where)
Planned arrival date
Departure date
I would like to present

Oral    Poster   Internet computer demonstration

Sergey V. Lavryushev
IC&G SB RAS, Russia, Novosibirsk
E-mail:  svl at

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