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Jtaylor.QVYW Jtaylor.QVYW
Sun Apr 5 14:17:54 EST 1998

You are receiving this message because you have stressted an
interest in business opportunities.  If this has reached you in error
please excuse the intrusion!


This new software "EXPRESS MAIL SERVER" turns your own
personal computer into a bona fide mail server.  This
gives you an amazing degree of control over your mail
because you are not dependent on your ISP's mail server.

With EXPRESS MAIL SERVER you actually watch all your
mail being delivered piece by piece.  There is almost
a 100% delivery rate with this program anywhere on
the internet.  Cash in on the latest and greatest 
technical advance in bulk email programs for only $298.00.

Reserve your copy by calling between 8 AM & 6 PM (EST) 
to reserve your copy!  732-424-0642     


1)   100% delivery of your mail (avoid filters and blocks)
2)   Avoids using your ISP's resources and getting
     shut down.
3)   Verifies domains (prevents bounce backs and saves
4)   Bypasses your ISP's SMTP server (never crash a
     server again).
5)   Allows you to send in HTML (colors and fonts).
6)   Send at speeds up to 100,000 per hour (based on a
     33K modem).
7)   Randomize header info.
8)   Personalize your letter to each recipient.

After your initial purchase of a copy of the retail 
price of $298.00 you can purchase a distributor pack
at $500 for 5 copies.  There is obviously money to be
made selling this product.  The demand for this software
is growing at an exponential rate.  A free demo is
also available.    Call 732-424-0642 between 8 AM & 6 PM.

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