Self Defense Video for All Ages - Male or Female

Fri Apr 10 13:36:33 EST 1998

Would you be able to defend yourself if attacked on the street???

Hello, my name is David Vece and most people couldn't answer that question 
with any confidence.With todays crime rate and drug abuse problem, it's a
question that everyone needs to ask themselves. 

Crime statistics from the Bureau of Justice state that:

     -25% of violent crimes occur at or near the victim's home
     -14% at school and 12% at commercial establishments (stores)
     -A woman is raped every 2 minutes in America
     -1 out of every 4 rapes takes place in a public area or a parking 
     -23% reported being involved with a leisure activity at the 
      time they were victimized.
     -21% reported they were at work or traveling to or from work
      when the crime occurred.
As you can see, a violent crime can happen to anyone at any time regardless 
of where you live or work. These crimes consisted of assault, robbery, 
carjacking, rape and murder. Based on these statistics, it's almost 
guaranteed that you will be the victim of a violent crime at some point
in your life.

Will you react????

I've been studying the martial arts for fifteen years and have been an
instructor for thirteen of them. I've been fortunate enough to have studied 
under some of the best instructors in the country. I currently have a black
belt in Kenpo Karate and have studied Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu and I am
currently studying Hapkido and ISFA Shootfighting. 

My video, "A Chance to Escape", will show you how to defend yourself against
the seven most common types of attacks on the street. I will show you 
self defense techniques that anyone from ages eight to eighty can learn 
and use to defend themselves. These techniques are quick and easy to learn 
and can be the difference between life or death if you are attacked on 
the street.
My video uses easy to understand terms for younger children. This video is 
a MUST for any college student (male or female). The techniques in this 
video are not only good for self defense but for building confidence when 
out in public. Senior citizens and middle age adults will gain the most 
benefit from this video. It will also give you helpful hints on how to 
carry packages and purses so they won't get taken, how to avoid looking 
like a victim, and how to use common objects as weapons to fend off 
even the most aggressive attacker. 

With so many self defense videos on the market, it is about time that 
there was one made for people who want one simple and effective so they 
can actually use the techniques within minutes of learning them. The best 
part is that you won't have to study karate for fifteen years in order
to do these techniques. Just a few short minutes and you will understand
how effective you can be. When it comes right down to it, you are your
own best judge as to whether you feel safe or not. My video will help you
to feel that you have an edge on anyone who may try to attack you.  

It's impossible to know when or where a violent crime will happen and
the last thing you want to be is the victim. This video gives you the 
chance you need to react and avoid becoming a victim. All you really
 need is " A Chance to Escape."

To order my video "A Chance to Escape" send check or money order in 
U.S. funds only for $19.95+($4.95 S/H) to:

               Escape Enterprises
               P.O. Box  1657
               Meriden, CT.  06451

         Sorry, no COD's .     Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
              Don't be a victim - Fight back

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