forming a new newsgroup bionet.neuroscience.moderated. Advice?

Madhusudan Natarajan m-natarajan at
Fri Apr 10 21:21:15 EST 1998

hello all,
        Im merely looking into the possibility of forming a new newsgroup 
called bionet.neuroscience.moderated.  What is the protocol to go about doing 
this? I looked in news.groups and found a note suggesting that I ask in the 
*.general newsgroup under which I am looking to form a newsgroup. Since it 
falls in the bionet category, here I am.
        If anybody has the necessary information, please post, or email me at 
m-natarajan at

ps - needless to say that this is after the bionet.neuroscience being 
inundated with several messages that (IMO) do not fall under the purview of 
neuroscience or the bionet spectrum. Topics from "alien abductions" to 
abstract poetry responses to honest neuroscience questions are commonplace. In 
a manner of things, a need for a moderated newsgroup to discuss the science 
behind neuroscience has evolved. if anybody has any info on how to go about 
addressing this need, please mail me/post here or post to bionet.neuroscience.

Thank you.

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