New MLM Giant - Leaders Needed

Sat Apr 11 18:50:53 EST 1998


Join the founding Chairman/CEO of Home Shopping Network as he starts
network marketing first company that has everything in place before launch.
The owner and CEO of this new company is the founder of Home Shopping
Network (HSN).  HSN changed the way we shop forever. It was the first
company that reached $1 billion dollars in sales within 10 years.  Our CEO is
is listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the "Forbes 400" wealthiest people in
the US.  He's also an attorney and former Assistant to the Attorney General
for the State of Florida.

The management team is made up of mostly people who have been loyal to
the owner for the past 10 or more years.  Experienced key MLM executives
are on board.

Products: At the moment we have a state-of-the-art nutritional line which
includes a product that some people choose to replace Prozac and Valium.
Also, a weight management product, a longevity formula and, an 7-day
stop smoking system.  We also have an European skin-care line with the
latest in antioxidant.  A Virtual Office product called "Genie" which is
owned by one of our CEO's companies.

We also have a quarterly catalog of variety of products. Our owner had a
successful background with Home Shopping Network and he's a master in
product sourcings, worldwide. HSN started with only one product (can
openers) and grew to have more than a thousand products. This new company
has many other products are in the pipeline.

Compensation plan: Our company uses an unilevel compensation plan.
The total payout is 60% wholesale.  We can make it to the top and max
out the plan with only two strong legs. Unlike other unilevel plans which
promote width, ours promotes depth while you can also go as wide as
you wish.  There's  also the fast-start bonus and coded bonus from
product starter packs, not from trainings.  Leadership bonus for the
full-time serious networkers. Our compensation features an unblockable
infinite bonus.

Timing: Our company just started pre-launch but the whole program is
fully operational.  Meaning, the company ships products and marketing
materials, pays commissions on time, etc.  Currently there are only about
1000 distributors are involved.  It's the first time in network marketing
history that a company has everything in place before signing of its first
distributor.  Nationwide cable TV infomercial will start in May.  All leads
All leads will go to the local distributors.

If you would like to receive more information on this new company, please
reply to this message with your phone number and the best time to contact
and indicate your level of experience in MLM, if any.

  24-hours information hotline:  (615) 770-7271


    LEADER at

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