find out about anyone and anything on the net !!!!!

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Sat Apr 11 07:46:57 EST 1998

YOU can easily learn how to investigate and learn EVERYTHING 
about your employees, neighbors, friends, enemies, and or anyone 
else !!!!

It is absolutely amazing !!!
YOU Must Get This Extraordinary Package today.........

   +  YOU can track down and old friend or a lost love,
      and, just for fun investigate your family history.

   +  YOU can screen prospective employees criminal records,
      look at their driving, or credit history.

   +  YOU can verify test results from drug testing and even
      look into your children's friends history for any type
      of record.

   +  YOU can TRACK down and locate an old debtor who is
      hiding from you and see if he/she is hiding any assets.

   +  YOU can look up "unlisted telephone numbers."  Locate
      social security, birth, adoption or death records.
      Check Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force service
      file records.   YOU will simply be amazed to learn what
      sensitive and important information other people and 
      enemies can discover about YOU !!!!!

YOU can find out ANYTHING about ANYONE on the net.
Do background checks on people and charge for it, as
you sart your own investigative services.
Stop guessing about the LAW !!!
Look up laws and do much more, direct from famous law libraries.
Get this easy to use package right away, and then,
YOU can become a private investigator.


Send $15.00 cash (wrapped in paper), money order, or check to:
           I. N. Formation
           P. O. Box 515019
           St. Louis, MO  63151-5019 USA

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