Thermal Coronary Angiography - QC for the OR

Patrick Hoppe angiothm at
Mon Apr 13 08:38:03 EST 1998


This is an open invitation to our new web site:

Opgal / AngioTherm Medical proudly presents Thermal Coronary Angiography
(TCA) for use in today's operating rooms.  TCA is a safe and simple
method that provides surgeons with real-time, non-invasive images of
blood flow and perfusion at surgery without the use of ionizing
radiation or contrast agents.

TCA enables surgeons to assess intraoperatively perfusion and patency of
bypass grafts, anastomoses and native arteries during Coronary Artery
Bypass Grafting.  The real-time thermal image facilitates native
coronary artery identification in redo operations or in situations where
the heart is covered by a layer of fatty tissue.

Please stop by our web site for more information on TCA and what it can
do for your patients.

Patrick Hoppe
Clinical Applications Engineer
Opgal / AngioTherm Medical
angiothermmedical at
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