Question: Blood (serum) clotting-Help

Laurie Davison ldavison at
Wed Apr 15 18:07:00 EST 1998

   Thanks for the response! Actually, my employer doesn't seem to care 
for vacutainer tubes (not sure why...), so we collect into oven-cleaned 
glass tubes or larger sterile glass vials if we're working in large 
quantities. The clotting of the red cell fraction occurs rapidly enough. 
The trouble is that the serum fraction seems to nearly solidify such that 
"pouring it off" the next morning yeilds very little return. Honestly, 
I've never seen anything like it! I've worked with cattle, dogs, cats, 
raccoons... and the only remotely similar problem I've run accross was 
with opposums, whose blood clots so quickly that the needle clogs before 
you can get a decent sample!:)


Jay Mone' wrote:
> Laurie,
> What type of tubes are you drawing the blood into?  I presume red-tops
> (silicanized glass).  Assuming that you are not using anti-coagulants,
> perhaps the initial hour at room temp prior to refrigeration is not
> adequate to allow complete clotting to occur.  When you remove the
> tubes from the fridge, the clotting resumes.  I'm not familiar with
> horses, but could this be the problem?
> Jay Mone'

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