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Cormac Shaw cshaw at ollamh.ucd.ie
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On 21 Apr 98 at 22:03, J Loh <jloh at cyberway.com.sg> wrote:

>Hi! I'm a student in science who is about to start writing a
>thesis report. One question I have is...how do I reference 
>an article I found on the www ? 
> [Snip]
>Is there a international way of doing this that is acceptable say in
>a journal?

Hi Jimmy,
This is a topic that came up some time before and the consensus was
AFAIK, you don't. In addition to the non-permenant nature of the www, 
as you pointed out, most articles on the web are not peer-reviewed and, 
therefore, depending on the source, could be absolute hogwash.

If the source page belongs to some research institute/journal/company 
then it is likely that any scientific content is also contained in 
some squashed-dead-tree format. My advice is to contact the webmaster 
(most web pages have an e-mail contact address, often at the bottom) 
and see if this is the case. If it is not, perhaps you could ask 
permission to print the page contents in your thesis as an appendix 
with full credit to the original author (I'm not sure how much this 
would invalidate the 'mostly my own work' rule).

Happy writing,


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