Desktop Server Software, 3 to choose from...

admin at PICMKTG.COM admin at PICMKTG.COM
Mon Apr 20 23:58:44 EST 1998

Desktop Server Software turns your PC into your own SMTP 
(outgoing) mail server, bypassing your ISP's mail server.  
This means you mail directly from your PC to the recipient 
using only the ISP resources you have paid for.  
Cost:  $199.95/$299.95

Plus, we can provide bulk friendly Domain Website Hosting and 
return mail (pop 3) accounts for just $65.00 per month so you 
can identify yourself in your direct email and maintain a proper 
remove service.  Gone is the need for cloaking and expensive 
bulk email software and services!    

And we will also include our desktop server mailing system and 
free tech support to help make your direct emailing a successful 
experience.  You will also get access to our multi-million address 
download site, FREE, to help get you started.

Reseller opps available.  We also sell many other conventional 
bulk email software programs and services as well as other 
non-bulk email marketing tools.  Interested?  Stop by and take a 
closer look: 

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