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Fri Apr 24 23:53:54 EST 1998

If you can spare just 5 minutes of your time, I promise 
to deliver an opportunity unlike anything you've ever seen!

By the time you're finished reading this letter, you'll 
know EXACTLY how I'm doing it, and how YOU can too!

Do you know how to use email? Then you should be 
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Introducing "The Complete Internet Business Starter Kit"!

     You CAN start a very profitable business on the
     internet WITHOUT spending a lot of money!

How would you like to start a spare time business with
YOUR OWN kit of cutting edge information products? What if
everything in the kit came with unlimited and unrestricted
ownership rights? You could sell this much sought after
information for whatever price you wanted!

And get this... You could even offer those rights along
with your products! You'll be helping others start their
own business!

    Would you be interested in an opportunity like this?
    How about if all the work has been taken out of it?

As you know, there are many "business opportunities" floating
around on the internet. Some great, some not so great. But
how can you tell the REAL opportunities from the money pits?

YOU CAN'T! All you can do is choose a path and hope it's not
a dead end.

If you CAN find the right opportunity, you can make a
bundle of money in a very short time. Here's why...

The "internet population explosion" is now under way. The
actual numbers are a little hard to fathom, but here they are...

In 1996 alone, over A MILLION people per MONTH have been
signing up with an internet access provider! That's over
12 MILLION people per year! Even if this rate remains the
same, and many expect it to increase, there will be more
than 100 MILLION people online by the year 2000!

So what does this mean to you? Simple. Like you, many of
these 12 million newcomers per year will be looking for
legitimate business opportunities. They'll also be looking
for specialized information that will teach them how to
start and operate their own high income, online business.

The fact is, there are simply just not enough sources to
meet these overwhelming demands!

           That's where you come in!

  You can meet BOTH of these demands with this Complete
  Internet Business Starter Kit!

Now, in a minute I'm going to tell you exactly what this
info kit consists of. But before I do, I want to explain
how it's a little different from ALL the others...

Everything in this kit comes with UNLIMITED AND

O.K. So you've seen reprint/reproduction rights being sold
before. *** BUT NOT LIKE THIS!! ***

"UNRESTRICTED" means just that! Not only can you sell this
kit as YOUR VERY OWN, you can sell ALL rights along with it!
That's what makes this kit sell with very little effort!

Check around! You'll never find another company that lets
you do this!

(Actually, I've taken a little heat from some of my fellow
info brokers over this decision. They insist I'll create
my own competition. But when I explain the raw numbers of
people jumping online every month, they seem to quiet
down very quickly!)

All right, here's what this exciting new information kit
consists of...

Five new reports designed to help upstart netrepreneurs!
These aren't the typical out of date reports that circulate
til the end of time. Originally published in 1996, these
reports contain real info you can use! Check these out...
How To Protect Your PC From Email Viruses, How To Get Over
300 Prospects To Email You Weekly, Insiders Secrets On
Advertising With The Major Online Services, What's Wrong
with The World Wide Web, and Taxes For The Home Based
Business Owner!

And get a load of this!! To make this a Complete Internet
Business Starter Kit, you'll get your own customized version
of this same e-sales letter. You can use any or all of the
letter as your very own! All the "work" has been done for
you! It just doesn't get any easier than this!

        O.K. Let's get down to the nitty gritty! 

I'm sure you're thinking, "O.K. Sounds good, but how much
is this gonna set me back financially"? You've seen what
everyone else is charging for information that's not nearly
as comprehensive as this... $149.00, $ 99.00, $69.00 bucks?

            Well, Prepare To Be Shocked!

     This entire information kit is only $20.00(US)

Sound too good to be true? That's what others have said.
That is, until they received their kit and saw for
themselves just how easy it is to make money on the net!

Here's a little more incentive to check this out...


The List! Did you know there is a place on the internet
that links you to over 3300 free classified advertising 
sites? I'll tell you exactly how to get there!

Well, that's about it. As you can see, this is truly a
Complete Internet Business Starter Kit! Right down to
your own deal closing sales letter! You're already paying
to be online, why not make some money? Even if you sell
ONLY ONE KIT, you've broken even! Everything after that
is pure profit!

Now that you know what you stand to gain, let's consider what
you have to risk. Just $20.00! 

Remember, not only will you be learning the most up to date
information about making money online, you'll be teaching
others how to succeed! (And making money in the process!)

Thank you for your time.

Just use a blank piece of paper to order, or you may print this
document and use the order form below.

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To Order: Send cash, or money order for $20.00(US) to:

    International Homeworkers Group
    Suite 7, 5219-57st
    Canada, T9V 0V4


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