mystic mystic at lcc.net
Sun Apr 26 05:11:28 EST 1998

ky wrote:
> I've a question.
> All high school Bio text book teaches students that ovultaion occurs 14
> days after mensturation. But a girl's period may last for, say, 5 days.
> So should it be 14 days after the START of the mensturation period, or
> should it be 14 days after the END of the period??

Actually, it is precisely 14 days from ovulation to the START of the
menstrual period.  Therefore, the length of the menstrual period is
not important.  This is why the rhythm method is, at best, imprecise,
for while ovulation occurs exactly 14 days before the start of the
menstrual period, the intervening time is not always the same.


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