Oxygen-18 supplies

Ian Stevenson ians at holyrood.ed.ac.uk
Wed Apr 29 05:33:54 EST 1998

Apologies for the cross-posting.
I'm urgently trying to track down a temporary supply of Oxygen-18 for use
in doubly labelled water energetic measurements. I need approximately 15g
(or any amount at all) of O18 at a concentration exceeding 95 APE. We have
had two orders outstanding with our suppliers for several months, and they
now quote a delivery time in May. Unfortunately we need the label in the
next two weeks(!)

Has anyone got any stocks of >95 APE O18 that we could buy and replace
in a few weeks's time when our own order arrives?

Dr Ian Stevenson

Dept of Biological and Molecular Sciences
University of Stirling

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