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TravelNews keeps on-line travellers updated on Fare Wars, cruise and
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Dear Client,   Good news on International Fares and special rates on
Domestic Fares....

Most major Airlines have begun reducing Fares for travel to Europe for
the Spring and Summer travel season.  April is typically the month
that we begin to see attractive fares as the carriers attempt to
entice customers to buy early for the busy Summer travel season.  You
could save up to 50% by purchasing your tickets now instead of waiting
until later in the season.  But HURRY !!  These great fares will sell
out quickly!  Call 800-638-6786 (9am-6pm EST)

Tip...Most carriers are continuing to report record booking levels 
for almost every market.  We recommend buying early this year for 
summer travel as all indications are that there will be fewer Airfare 
sales because flights are filling quickly.

**  Did you know that we have lower fares than on-line booking !! **
**Most transactions on-line take up to 40 minutes, ours take only 5-10

Our Preferred Fares are now available by phone.  These special 
AirFares are lower than the Airlines themselves and lower than travel
agencies.  We currently offer Preferred Fares with Delta, Northwest,
Continental, United, and American (Caribbean only).  Call us for the
best rates for travel in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe,
Central and South America, and more !!

You'll never pay regular rates again!!  800-638-6786 (9am-6pm EST)

TravelNews keeps on-line consumers updated on AirFares, Fare Wars,
travel bargains, and other travel-related news.  If you would like a
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