The "Master Marketers Resource CD

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Sat Aug 1 16:48:23 EST 1998

We have everything you need to promote your online

business and target your advertising!!

The "Master Marketers Resource CD."

This CD has over 20 Million categorized and targeted

email addresses!! Targeted email addresses are by far

the most expensive... but for a limited time, we are

offering the Master Marketers Resource CD for $199.00

Do not be mistaken... this offer is not like any other

you have received. We have seen randomly gathered

email address CD's selling for as much as $249.00

Just one I received today was offering 57 million for

$199.95... and the addresses were mostly AOL!! They

were not targeted... categorized... nothing! Just

57 million email addresses of who knows what.

We have AOL addresses on the Master Marketers

Resource CD... but they are only a small part of it.

We have addresses of Business Opportunity Seekers,

Adult Web Site Subscribers (this list alone is over

100,000 addresses - we sell this list for $250.00

but it is included on this Resource CD), Investors,

E-Mail addresses sorted by city, General consumer

lists, those interested in Health... and many more!

Make no mistake!!... this is by far the best collection

of email addresses available anywhere. 

In all... there are 11 categories of targeted email

addresses. We have also included a remove/undeliverable

list that's over 100 meg in size!! We have already 

cleaned the addresses on the Master Marketer Resource

CD using this massive remove file... they are ready to

mail right now.

As A Special Bonus...

In addition to the email addresses... we have also included

on the CD over 30 CGI Scripts (one will hide where your

mail is being sent to on your forms - must have for 

taking orders). There are forum scripts, chat scripts and

just about any other cgi script you will ever need.

We have also included over 50 java scripts! Many are

scripts for adding rotating banners to your site, adding

scrolling ticker and marque messages and scripts that password

protect a page on your web site.

We have also included demos of over 15 of the top bulk

email programs on the Internet. Stealth, Rapid Fire, NetContact

and many more!  Additionally we have included demo's of email address

harvesters like Hurricane, Grabber and Atomic Harvestor that

let you extract fresh email addresses out of forums and

web pages. 

There is much more on the CD than we can go into on a short

letter like this one (there is over 10 html editors, over

200 marketing reports and more). In all... in addition to

the bulk email and html editors... there is over 20 of the

top software programs on the Internet. From programs that

keep you connected to the Internet... to programs that let

you accept checks online! 

You will save hours (if not weeks) in download time as we have

included the top shareware and freeware programs available


If you are serious about making money on the Internet... you

must have the Master Marketers Resource Cd! There is nothing

like it currently available! 

If you are ready to target your advertising... you can order

the Master Marketers Resource CD by completing the form

below. Don't miss out... we are only selling a limited number

of the Master Marketer Resource CD's. In order to preserve the

quality of the addresses, this offer may be withdrawn at anytime.


Please note: Most of the software on the CD is shareware. If

you like it... buy it. We have included the programs because

we feel most are pertinent to Internet marketing.


"You can buy from the REST or you can buy from the BEST."   Your choice. 

 NOW ONLY $199.00!   

This price is effective for the next 24 hours, thereafter the price 

be $299.00 so ORDER NOW!

To order our email package, simply print out the EZ ORDER FORM 

below and fax or mail it to our office today.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checks by Fax and Mail.


EZ Order Form 


_____Yes! I would like to order the Master Marketers Resource CD

     Email addresses and much, much more for only $199.00.

 Fax it to us at (804)847-5858

*Please select one of the following for shipping..

____I would like to receive my package OVERNIGHT. I'm including 

$15 for shipping. (outside US add an additional $25 for shipping)

____I would like to receive my package 2 DAY delivery. I'm including 

$10 for shipping.  (outside US add an additional $25 for shipping)



COMPANY NAME___________________________________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________________

PHONE NUMBERS__________________________________________

FAX NUMBERS_____________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________



CREDIT CARD# __________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE________________________________________

NAME ON CARD___________________________________________

AMOUNT $____________________


(Required) SIGNATURE:x________________________






If You fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original 

We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your

check. All checks will be held for bank clearance.

If you feel more comfortable sending payment through the mail, 

please send all forms and Check or Money Order to:

Global Marketing


P.0. BOX 4466

Lynchburg, Va. 24502 

This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill:SECTION
 301. "Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further
 transmissions to you by the sender of this email may be stopped at no
 cost to you by sending a reply to this email address:
If you are not interested in this promotion, disregard this e-mail.
This is a one time mailing and only those that respond to this promotion 
will ever hear from us again.

IF you need to speak with me please send a fax at 804-847-5858
and some one will respond to you thanks 

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