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Wed Aug 5 01:37:03 EST 1998

!!! 700 SEARCH ENGINES                                 misc

!!!ONE WEEK (Or 100 orders, whichever comes first)!!!      

ONLY $39


Thats right, this is not a mistake, we will submit your Website to 700 search
engines and directories for $39.

Just print out the form below and fax it us us for immediate processing. (Do not
reply via e-mail)


Name of Company:


Site URL: http://

E-mail Address:

Title of site: (25 words or less)

Description of site: (50 words or less)

Keywords: (6 total, most important first)

Phone Number:

Payment can be made by faxing a copy of your check to 714 768-3650 payable to: K.L.E.N.T. (we will
import the information from your check into our check processing software for
deposit into our bank, no need to mail check).

Or, you can pay by credit card, just fill out information and fax your info
to us and we will contact you and give you our secure URL for credit

If you wish information, please fax this form with your phone number that you can
be reached and one of our agents will contact you..

Worry free transaction---upon receipt of your faxed check we will submit your
site within 48 hours...it takes anywhere from 5-10 days for your faxed check to clear
your bank.  If we do not do as we say, you would have plenty of time to stop
payment on your check.  Now,  we are in the position of trusting you, as we have
already done the work and your check has not even been paid...sorry to say that we
do on occasion get a NSF check, however there are many more people that are
honorable and do not stick us with a NSF check after we have done the work. 

Credit card holders are always protected against non-delivery of product or service
through the credit card companys, now we protect our customers that pay by check
as well...I don’t think you will find many companys that will do what we are doing
in order to protect the consumer.. 

We have been in business for about 3years dealing on the internet and know how
frustrating it can be dealing with someone you don’t even know.   I hope that our
offer creates the validity needed in order to provide you with the service that we
provide our customers.

Ken                                                                                                       misc


P.S. Reservations will only be accepted with paid orders......Thank You!
Please fax a copy of your check along with the above form....

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