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Wed Aug 5 17:47:32 EST 1998

France astounded people worldwide on July 12, 1998 by winning the 
World Cup.  Now Voila France is offering a feast considered by 
many to be of the same astounding World Cup contention. 

Voila France is in the southwestern region of France; now owned 
by a Texas based company called Neuralys Corporation to make 
ordering possible in the United States.  The time has come to 
bring the best France has to offer in a delightful, four-course 
meal to your home via the Internet.

For your convenience, ordering is only possible on a secured line 
at www.voilafrance.com  By purchasing direct, we can assure a 
quick and easy order to be processed immediately and on your 
doorstep in three to five days.

The first course consists of appetizers that include the 
traditional Duck Fois Gras and Rillettes of Goose pate 
accompanied by a fresh loaf of sliced bread.  A sweet, white wine 
called Monbassilac also attends the appetizers. The consolidation 
of the Entrée, Comfit of Duck and potatoes garnished with garlic 
powder and parsley, has a great effect with the fine red wine 
also included called Bergerac.  The meal's post entrée treat 
comprises of a tangy goat cheese followed by more fresh bread.  A 
delicious fresh pastry cake is the perfect ending to the entire 
savory experience.  All natural oils and flavors are kept intact 
and fresh until the time of delivery due to the pressurized 
packaging system utilized by Voila France.

Bon Appetit !

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