Measles vaccine?

Thu Aug 13 10:31:54 EST 1998

Measlesvirus for vaccination is currently grown in embryonated chicken 
eggs.  Influenzavirus is grown in much the same way, except that the 
influenza vaccine is a killed virus preparation.  There has been no 
evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, to suggest that other viruses 
capable of infecting humans and causing disease, may lurk in the live 
measles vaccine, although one can never be sure.  However, we have 
much experience with the measles vaccine with no indication of a 
problem of this type.
Concerning the polio/AIDS thing...The only link between the first 
African OPV campaigns and the appearance of AIDS is that of timing.  
The first confirmed serologic evidence for HIV infection in humans 
comes from samples of blood collected in Africa in the early fifties, 
around the same time as the OPV campaigns. It is very likely that HIV 
has been in the human population for longer than that, but we don't 
have much in the way of materials to search for evidence of earlier 

Jay M.

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