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Sat Aug 15 03:59:29 EST 1998

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Are you tired of hassling with local print shops and paying
through the nose for color printing? Did you miss your last
deadline because the printer couldn't deliver on-time? Does
your printer force you to buy 1,000 copies when you only really
need 100? Have you noticed strange extra charges on your invoices
that weren't part of the original quote?

Next time, consider using a revolutionary printing service from
ColorPrinting.Net. Just send us your desktop publishing files
over the Internet and we'll print from 100 to 100,000 or more
copies in brilliant full-color and deliver your order back to
you in as little as 24-hours! You'll find that our prices
(published on our Web site) are among the most competitive in
the industry, our quality is second-to-none and we deliver
on-time, every time!

This is real full-color offset printing, printed on real
Heidelberg printing presses---NOT cheap looking color copies
or digital prints.

For more information, please visit our Web site at
http://www.colorprinting.net (please note the .net suffix)
or call us at 610-797-6621. We look forward to helping you
with your next color printing project!

Best regards,

April Kilbourne
Sales Coordinator

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