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Sat Aug 15 03:29:48 EST 1998

<HTML><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>********************    
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>Does the idea of making at least </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#008000" SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14>$2,000</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>per week beginning your 2nd week of doing business excite you? How about never having to pick up a phone or talk to anyone in order to do business? </B>    
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>    
NO selling, talking or personal contact with others, on the phone or in person!    
NO mandatory mailing of postcards, products or information to prospects!    
NO prospecting or cold calling of any kind!    
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>ARE YOU -</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>    
Genuinely interested in becoming debt free?    
Excited about the prospect of having an immediate income starting this week?    
Ready to quit the rat race and run your own home based business?    
Tired of spending money in MLM's with little or no return?    
Tired of going to meetings that your prospects don't show up for?    
</P><P ALIGN=CENTER>If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to run, don't walk to your telephone and call </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14>1-800-811-2141 ID# 56501.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>Important.. ,    
You will be asked for </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>ID #56501.</FONT><FONT  SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>You will need this # when you call.    
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>    
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>This is a toll free recorded call.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> If you stay on the line, you will then have an opportunity to speak to a live operator, who will answer your questions. You will be simply amazed at this outstanding program. If you can't do this one, you can't do any of them!!    
My name is Dean. I was introduced to this fantastic program a short time ago. Unfortunately, I had been involved in many programs that promised a lot but delivered little. I made the decision to try one more, and what an important impact that decision has made in my life. If you are truly serious about changing the quality of your life, then this is the business you have been looking for, </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>There is nothing else out there that will provide you with an immediate income beginning this week with so little effort.    
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>    
Before you call, I want you to think about the quality of the live operators handling your call. I am convinced you will not find a better team of closers for your own personal sales. You will clearly understand what I am talking about once you call, It will not cost you any money just to call and find out for yourself You can get started today with your very own code number. Just advertise the business toll free number with your ID # and let this business close your sales every day.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>They do all the work and YOU GET PAID FOR IT!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>    
</P><P ALIGN=CENTER></FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14>CALL 1-800-811-2141 - ID # 56501 TODAY!!!!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>    
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>    
(Live operators are available from 9 AM -11 PM EST Monday - Saturday.)    
Wishing you much success,    

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