Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries

David Lloyd-Jones dlj at
Thu Aug 27 06:02:15 EST 1998 wrote in message

+AD4-Well my vote goes to Florence Nightengale for recognizing the importance of
+AD4-educated nurses in the care of the sick and dying in hospitals and
+AD4-documenting her work as one of the first epidemiologists. She is the
+AD4-and founder of modern nursing in the world. There is little doubt in my
+AD4-that without educated and professional nurses delivering care to patients
+AD4-carrying out orders from physicians modern healthcare would not be what it
+AD4-today+ACE- Her contribution to medicine is not as +ACo-glittzey+ACo- but nonetheless as


And then there's Semmelweiss who made the radical discovery that it helped
when obstetricians and surgeons washed their hands.


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