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     Are you paying more than 7.5 cents per minute for your home
or business long distance? How about toll free 800, 888 & 877 

     Why pay more than 7.5 cents per minute 24 hours 7 days a week??
That's right only 7.5 cents per minute anytime of the Day or Night 
7 days a week!  

     No sign-up fees (Free to sign up!), No Monthly Charges, 
No Minimum usage, NO RISK, No gimmicks just delivering what people 
pay for period.

Features are:

7.5 cpm Flat Rate Business or Residential 24-7!! 
6 second increment billing! **
Dial direct 1+ service! 
Fiber Optic Tier One Carrier! (One of top 4)
800/888/877 toll free #'s same low rate (no fees!) 
Reimbursed switch over fees. 
Low intrastate rates! 
30 favored Nations International Rates! 

Residual Monthly Income! 
There are no sign up or monthly fees of any kind and the company 
will pay commissions to you on every customer/Independent Agent 
(IA) in your 7 by 7 organization. Once you are a satisfied 
Customer/IA and pleased with your service . . .
you will tell others about it.
(You'll get your own customized web site too.)

Here' how you sign up!
Fax TOLL FREE: 1-877-650-6542 the standard letter of authority below.
This is offer is hot and the line may be busy. Hang in there you'll 
get through.  

No access to a fax machine?  Send your info to the email below and 
I will fax it for you.

You can reach me at the email listed below, at least for a 
short time.  So send it Quickly (this is bulk Email and the 
account will be terminated after a few complaints.) 
After that you can still you can still get this great 7.5 cpm rate 
just fax your info to the toll free number.

Removes reply either to the bulk mailers account 
sending you this email to you or to this hotmail account.
mailto:bizztek at hotmail.com

Best of Fortune

Print and Fax the form below

      Authorized NSN Sponsor:  NETPROS ID# 2132

      We hereby authorize New Success Network to act on our behalf and to make
any and all
      decisions related to our telecommunication services.  This Letter of
Authority does hereby
      give New Success Network authority to negotiate on our behalf for
      services, obtain all pertinent information concerning telecommunication
services and sign
      Letters of Agency (LOA’s) and other documents for us related to
      services.  I understand that signing this Letter of Authority
automatically enrolls me into
      the New Success Network Group as An Independent Agent (IA).  I
understand that this
      sponsorship imposes no special dues, fees or responsibilities.  I also
understand that I may
      receive residual commissions from referrals.  

      AUTHORIZATION GIVEN BY: Name(print):___________________________________ 
      Signature: _______________________________________________ Date:

      Name: _______________________________________SS or FIN
      Mailing Address: ____________________________________ Apt, Suite, Floor
      City: _________________________________________________ State:_____
      Install Address (if different): __________________________ Apt, Suite,
Floor #_________  
      City: ________________________________________________ State:_____
      Main Billing Number (ANI):     (        )
      Second Number on same bill:    (        )
      Existing 800/888/877 number:   (        ) ___________________ <Fill
out/fax RespOrg form> 
      Would you like to have a new 800, 888 or 877 number? : YES   __________
NO   __________  
      If so, list the ring down number here:  (       ) ___________________
      Calling Card Names: _________________________
      E-mail  address:
      Free web site vanity name: 1st Choice _______________ 2nd Choice
      Flat Rate 7.5 cpm           FAX TOLL FREE: 1-877-650-6542

                              For Administrative Use Only:
         B25  IA        R          4  5  N           P   I   A  S  W  F


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