Simultaneous In situ hybridization for both RNA and DNA. Is it possible?

Michael Shapira michas at LEONARDO.LS.HUJI.AC.IL
Sun Aug 30 08:07:27 EST 1998

We are using routinely 5'-biotinylated, 50-mer 2'-O-methylated RNA
probes specific for acetylcholinesterase for in situ hybridization on
thin tissue sections. We detect these probes using streptavidin
conjugated to alkaline phosphatase which hydrolyzes the ELF fluorogenic
substrate (Molecular Probes). We would like to see on the same
preparation the gene encoding the enzyme (located within the nuclei of
course in two copies for each cell). Is it possible? Does anyone know of
an article where such a protocol is described? We have a cosmid
containing the gene plus 20 Kb of its upstream sequences that I think
may serve as a probe (maybe as in FISH, although the exon sequences
would have to be removed).
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael.

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