"Blacks Get Sick Easier, Stay Sick Longer and Die Sooner than Whites"

donny donny at catnip.netcom
Tue Dec 1 01:02:10 EST 1998

James Howard wrote:
> “Blacks Get Sick Easier, Stay Sick Longer and Die Sooner than Whites”

...and other interesting stuff...

Dear Mr.Howard, I have taken the trouble to read your testosterone
driven NeoDarwinism. And, have noted your posts around the 'net.

Well...my amateur opinion is that there is much merit in your
assessment of hominid evolution and racial differences. With the
proviso that...given the true nature of science as it is practiced
(subordinated to politics of the day), you can never possibly gain
any acceptance of your theories. Moreover, because you cling to the
antique (though, totally valid) notion of there being various
"races of man", you must forever remain in the outer darkness of
utter nonrecognition of your research.

Since Boaz took over evolution, anthropology, biology in American
academia, the controlling dialectic has been taught thus:
There are NO races of the species Homo sapiens. 

For you to insist that there ARE racial differences, that in
many ways the Negroid race has enhanced testosterone levels, 
that this enhanced testosterone differentiates numerous physical
variations between Caucasoid and Negroid, is very much true
--but wholly UNACCEPTABLE to present day academia.

I submit that: you cease trying to move academia in favor of
your views; you stand in danger of progressing into a world
class crank (as your views cause more and more ostracism of
you); you consider following the party line and begin to
assert "There are NO longer any races of Man".

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