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I request your time.  I want you to read this letter completely.  I 
realize that this is a lot to ask when most networkers have a daily load 
of sales pitches in their boxes.  But the fact is that we have some 
serious problems in this industry and it takes a little time to address 
them.  Even if you do not join my program, I believe that you will 
benefit from this letter.

I have been working in network marketing for many years.  In the past 
year, I have begun to see an unprecedented number of scams, schemes, and 
fly-by-night programs flooding my email box.  People who could 
legitimately succeed in a solid program have  had their dreams stolen 
and dislike the whole industry in general! And the (money games) because 
they can't find a decent company and program that will work for them  
and in the short hall have to start all over in with another program 
over and over! Also if you are not in the "HEAVY HITTERS CLUB" you never 
will! Why?

People do not succeed in network marketing because they do not make 
money quickly enough to maintain their belief level.  A person will stay 
in a company for about 60-90 days. Just long enough for the companies 
and the heavy hitters to make that quick dollar!   If they do not make a 
profit within that period of time, they quit- no matter how good the 
products might be.  So what is the answer?  You must have a compensation 
plan that truly works for both part-time and full time networkers.

I was with a program called FREELIFE.I joined this program because of 
Dr. Earl Mendel,Great Gentleman!  He is just a spokesman for the 
company!  As soon as I was owed money, the company fined me 1000 dollars 
for saying pain in news group! ( I know it does not make sense!} One of 
my friends and upline gary ****** brought Dr. Mendel to North Carolina 
twice!  And had built a large group of distributors beneath him!  The 
largest check he ever made was around 1800 dollars!  Needless to say he 
is no longer working the business!  If he  had the same distributors in 
the company I am promoting he would had made over 16,000 dollars in the 
month he made 1,800 dollars with FREELIFE!  Where did the rest of the 
money go?
To FREELIFE and the one percent of the heavy hitters using the part time 
person to make their bonus checks!  They should be ashamed of  
themselves: But they aren't they are just greedy and don't want to rock 
the boat with their commission checks!  However,if they were willing to 
look. They would see a larger commission check longterm with the company 
I am promoting!
I was just using FREELIFE as an example!  99 percent of the other 
companies follow the same model! Sad But True!

Network marketing has the potential to be the most
powerful vehicle in history to bring products and services to the end
consumer.  It has always been this way because people will believe a
recommendation from someone they know before they will believe a slick
advertising campaign.

What has been lacking and what has held the industry
back from its potential is a compensation plan that actually works for 
both part time
and full time networkers.

If you would like to learn more about a company that is leading this
industry in the right direction, please send a reply email back with
"More Info" in the subject line.
You may also call and some one in our group will call you back!

God Bless,

Renee & Bert 
Free Information Hotline 1-800-460-6007

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