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Sun Dec 6 15:06:02 EST 1998

    Greetings and Salutations all;

    I must first appologise for the major cross-posting; however I'm not
sure where the most appropriate place to post my question would be, and
all these newsgroups seem relevant to my topic.

    I'm a 1st year Science student at the University of Toronto, who is
having some difficulty in trying to decide what program he should choose
to go into. Classically, I always thought I would go into something in
the area of Microbiology, Immunology, Epidemology<sp?>, or perhaps
Genetics.. However, after exposure to Evolution, Ecology, and Population
genetics; I'm starting to rethink that.
    I'm not sure what questions I should be asking, so as to ascertain
what field I'd enjoy most. The two programs I'm considering are
"Molecular Genetics and Biology", and "Ecology". After 1st year, and one
and a half 2nd year courses, the two programs rapidly diverge; to the
point where I feel I have to know very shortly which field I wish to go
into (as the program I can go into will be decided by which courses I
take in 2nd year). Currently, the two things most on my mind are that a)
I no longer see myself being interested in Genetics for the sake of
Genetics. I think its a terribly interesting field, just not necessarily
for me; which on the surface would lead me to believe that Ecology is
the way to go. However, I would imagine an undergrad degree in Genetics
would allow me greater freedom in which Graduate program I apply to/get
accepted to, than Ecology; simply because Genetics is a tool which is
used by many (if not all) of the Biological Sciences, where as Ecology
seems to me to be a very multidiscplinary field, which calls upon the
skills of other fields.
    I'd say some topics that I'd like to study would be the genetic
diversity(polymorphism and heterzygousity) of populations in a
community, and see if that relates to a communities ability to respond
to an environmental change as much as the species diversity does.
However, I'm also interested in Human Genetics, ie. The cause of
Tourette Syndrome. I think it would be an interesting study, to
construct a geneological<sp?> graph of an individuals family who has TS,
and do comparitive genetic studies of past members of that individuals
family, to see if there are any noticable patterns. I've always been
interested in disease, and the effects of disease.

    I must profess my ignorance, and I certainly hope I have not
offended anyone or broken any rules, of which I am unfamiliar. Any
assistance you could provide me with, would be greatly apperciated.

    Yours truly;
Brad Davis
email: brad.davis at

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