CCR5 and Protection from AIDS

Mon Dec 7 09:46:57 EST 1998

OK, James Michael Howard.  You appear to have a single data point, 
namely a presumed statistical difference in testosterone levels and 
decreased incidence of AIDS.
I'm not sure of your background in science in general, or biology in 
particular, but it takes a bit more to establish a causal relationship 
between two phenomenon.  
Where is the data which definitively links testosterone production to 
pathogenesis of HIV?  One could also look at where most new AIDS cases 
are appearing (Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and one would notice that 
the majority of new cases in these regions are people with brown 
hair!!)  Does this establish a causal link?
If one looks at the incidence of HIV infection after a sexual 
encounter with an HIV-infected individual, one sees that women are at 
higher risk for infection than men for contracting infection.  But 
women have lower testosterone levels than men. 

Jay Mone'

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