It's not too Late to save on Winter Airfares

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The recent strike at Northwest Airlines gave all the major 
carriers an excuse to raise their airfares.  Like every year, 
expect the airlines to again raise their fares just before the 
busy holiday season.

Many people believe that they can find the cheapest airfares by
surfing through the many on-line reservation systems available on
the Internet.  DON'T BE FOOLED!!!  These reservation systems are
owned, operated, and maintained by the major airlines themselves 
and are often slow to be updated. They also don't include many of
the deeply discounted fare programs offered by the airlines.

How often have you called the Airlines or your local Travel Agent
and asked them to give you their cheapest fare, only to find that
the person sitting next to you has bought his seat for much less?
"The Insider's Guide to Cheaper Airfares" will introduce you to 
other ticketing alternatives and strategies that the major 
carriers don't want you to know.  These sources offer deeply 
discounted seats that are on the same flights that airlines are 
charging other passengers twice as much.  Among the things this 
valuable book will show you are:

*** How to get Airlines to notify you of discounts
        before they go public.

*** Ticket strategies Airlines don't want you to know.

*** How to save at least 50% on International Travel.

*** Which reservation systems work best with each
        Hub and Airline.

*** Sources for Domestic Tickets for 40% to 60% off.

Whether your goal is to go on that vacation of a lifetime or to
bring a loved one home to the family,  will show you that 
reasonable airfares from anywhere in the country are easily and 
affordably within your reach.  Why give all of your hard earned 
money to the airlines when you can keep that money and spend it 
on yourself?


Our book normally sells for $12.95 +$2.00 shipping/handling.

However, this Holiday Season you can get "The Insider's Guide to 
Cheaper Airfares" for only $9.95, and we'll pay for shipping and 
handling -- a savings of $5.00.


Give a copy to a friend or relative. If you buy a  copy of 
"The Insider's Guide to Cheaper Airfares" we'll send you an 
additional copy for only $5.00. That's two copies for only 
$14.95,  50% off the regular price.  



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     $9.95 (A savings of $5.00)

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     $14.95(A savings of $14.95)






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