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 Time wise l.

               "Where the truth hurts, it also heals".

    When man left the land, and went to sea, he, or it was learned,

  that a lengthy stay would be followed by ill health.  Much time passed

  until the British Navy came to realize that mans' health suffered

  because a man at sea was not receiving nutrients his body had grown

  accustom to processing.  Man had spent many years living on the land,

  and feeding on the foods found in that environment.  Following this

  line of reasoning, it became obvious that something man received when

  he consumed limes, allowed him to maintain better health for a longer

  period of time, while at sea.

    This story/concept is keyed in mans' memory, or the reasoning is

  acknowledged, when the term limy is used to refer to a seaman.  Along

  with other such stories, history shows us that the thought of having

  to compensate for a degree of ones' previous environment, must accompany

  man/mankind as they move to new surroundings.

               "The mark of the beast has always been ignorance".

    It would seem to be unthinkable that someone would go to sea, and then

  deny that he had once lived on the land.  The many facts that would have

  to be overlooked, or explained in some way other then the truth, would

  seem to us to be too numerous.

    Yet today, many people will deny the facts/knowledge that shows man

  came to live on the land after having lived a long time up off the ground,

  in the trees.  Living a life of little effort toward learning, denying

  the recent knowledge that would help them to understand the past, these

  people make up a god like Zeus to explain things, rather then take the

  time required to serve the word of knowledge.

 Time wise 2.

                           "BURNT OFFERINGS"

    The story of Moses and the burning bush, was written to remind man of

 how smoking must be used to compensate for the organic compounds found in

 the air he once had, in the environment of the trees.  Today, as in the

 past, burnt offerings allow man the physical health, and therefor the

 mental ability, needed to commune with history in the form of words.

   Faith in words comes to a child by him hearing them being used.  First

 by two, then by a small group or family, words, because they were found to

 be of such a great help, were placed most important in their lives.

   This group has been growing ever since, both in its number of people, and

 in its understanding of what words have to offer, to those who live by them.

   The greater mans' understanding of words, the greater is his understanding

 of the world about him.  For a person to communicate his thoughts to another

 person, it becomes a matter of finding the right words.  For this collection

 of knowledge, being passed from generation to generation by way of words, it

 becomes a matter of waiting for the right person.

   With other groups being controlled by their fear of a god like Zeus, this

 group considered the spoken word to be their higher power, their guiding

 light.  Moses led them into the land of the written word.

   In the beginning there was the word, or a word. And that word made man.

 When a life form began the tasks of assigning a different word to each thing

 he recognized, he called himself MAN.

   In the beginning was the word, and then came another, and another, and

 another.  Today words are still coming into being, causing our vocabulary

 to continue to grow.  Each word added to our vocabulary, brings with it the

 ability of more complex thought.  Thus, Before each word, there was less

 complex thought.

  Time wise 3.

                      "The difference between the two".

    Before the word sleep was assigned, the word dead was used in its'

  place.  The word dead meant not awake.  Later, the words deceased,

  unconscious, and sleep were assigned.  thus by way of respect for

  words, (known as God the father by these people), the story of Jesus

  tells us of a man in the past who recognized that man suffered when

  he slept on the ground.  Others before Jesus recognized this fact,

  but unlike Jesus they did not believe in sharing information with


    Today, some fail to see that the use of furniture has spread along

  with the story of Jesus.  Perhaps that is because mans' need for

  furniture comes from his past history in the trees, up off the ground.

  And to admit that now would show that they have been concerned with

  something other then the word.  And knew him not.

    Mankinds awareness grows due to those who correlate present knowledge

  with that of the past, and share their conclusions with all.  Few, in

  the past, have put forth the effort required to increase mankinds' over-

  all understanding.  Instead, history records great effort being given

  to keeping new understandings from all people.  Religious organizations,

  through their monopolistic control over education, purposely misinterpret

  history or conceal information os that those in political control remain

  so.  people who have not received the facts concerning the world around

  them, make better slaves.  Like a parent who tries to keep his children

  dependent on him, by limiting their growth through learning, governing

  bodies have kept their place by hiding facts from those who they rule

  over.  But not from the future.

  Time wise 4.

        "The end of religion means we are left with free education".

    In the past, people learned things that religious organizations allowed

  to be taught.  When mans' learning process is not restricted by religions'

  political ambition, a door is opened, and he can explore more freely the

  world around him.

    Thus, freedom of religion means freedom when is comes to learning.  But

  freedom when is came to learning, would show man things that religious

  organizations were meant to keep him from.  We the people, (without the

  the fear of knowledge, knowledge would only educate us, not remove us from

  power), were at first, opposed openly by religious organizations based

  elsewhere. And now, religious organizations would stand to regain the

  power they once had, if the United States were to stop being a guiding

  light, when it comes to personal freedom.

    Realizing that the free flow of knowledge requires only concerned

  individuals, this should also make a person realize that any growth in

  the strength of religious organizations is due to the loss of personal


    The public school system would suffer a great loss if the efforts

  required to maintain it were spent elsewhere.  The concept of the school,

  has within it the concept of freedom.  When the school system is allowed

  to function as it should, it facilitates freedom in a community.  Religion

  has a long history of doing the opposite.  In the United States people

  must value freedom, and put their faith in education, or they both will

  be gone.  And the light will go out.

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