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PART 1.                                         JULY 4, 1997


 First, you need to become aware of the "Theory of Magnetrition".
Once you gain an understanding of the general principles of which
this science is based, a clearer understanding of what I'm
sharing is made possible. So come back to this after you have
studied, or you will not be aware of the facts needed in order
to except the conclusions offered.

 Alright, good to have you back. Now we can work with the
knowledge that the astronauts suffer from "Magnetic Deficiency
Syndrome (MDS), (Known previously as osteoporosis), while in
space, (or when removed from their natural magnetic atmosphere).
And we can see that people here on earth also suffer from MDS
when their magnetic atmosphere is not what it should be, or
could be. From your study you should be in agreement with me
when I point out that the deterioration associated with MDS
goes much deeper then just to effect the bones. It is the
realization, that along with the deterioration of bone, someone
suffering the effects of MDS also suffers the deterioration of
their nuclear envelopes with in their cells, that I ask you to
keep in mind as we go farther in this study of the facts. It is
the fact that cancer is mainly caused by the nuclear envelopes
deterioration that I plan to build on. So, with the awareness
that all lab animals have been caused to show the effects of
MDS, due to their confinement, and therefore such experiments
invalid, we can continue.

 Second, you need to be aware of some facts found in the science
of chemistry. In order to fully grasp the point I will make, one
needs to have studied the information concerning "NIACIN".
Please do so now and then come back to this. Take your time,
do a good job, use many different sources from which to gain
the information to be studied. Thats what its there for. I'll
be here ready to continue, when you are.


   Warning: If requirements set forth in part 1 have not been
            met, you may find the following information insults
            your intelligence, rather then complimentary, as

 Hay, wasn't that something. to learn that a smoker is getting
a much needed vitamin. One that strengthens the body tissues,
in a way that prevents the effects of the disease known as
pellagra. Most people think that smoking causes cancer, but
by our understanding of magnetrition we can see that cancer
cells, once having been formed due to the nuclear envelope
suffering from the effects of MDS, are able to reap the same
benefits that all the other cells get when a person smokes.
And then cancer would be found to be strong in the smoker, only
because the smoker is a better provider for the many cells of
his body. After having studied, doesn't it seem like a wise way
of looking at it, that a smoker is doing what a farmer does when
he adds a fertilizer to his field. And the farmer does not stop
putting fertilizer on the field because it helps the weeds also.
He adopts a method of weed control, and in the case of the
smoker we can use magnetrition as a kind of weed control, (you
did when you were younger). Rather then ask the body to be found
in a constant state of depravation in the hope that when a cancer
cell arises, its chances of getting sick and dyeing are made

 So from the study of the facts, some old, some new, one can see,
that to smoke is another way to keep the doctor away. But its the
goal of the AMA to raise the doctors pay. And as our ancestors
have implied by smoking, if you want it done right, do it

 Where only some are allowed to practice health care, others are

 Have many jumped on a bandwagon that ain't playing the truth?

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