Does skull bones move?

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YFlower wrote:

> I wonder - Does the skull bones move ? Are there any kind of bones in
> the human body that are not moving ??
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I am not sure exactly what you mean by your question (i.e. what are
you defining as your frame of reference).  In an adult human a number of
the bones of the skull fuse together and do not move with respect to
each other.  However, in juveniles the bones are not fused and do move
to accomodate growth.  Also, the fused bones of the skull do move
with respect to the vertebra, the jaw, etc.

In terms of other examples, it again depends on frame of reference.
In adults the three bones that make up each side of the hip fuse
together (and the left and right hip bones fuse together).  In this
fused six bone set, the six bones do not move (much) with respect to
each other; however, the hip (composed of the six fused bones)
does move with respect to the backbone, the thighbone, etc.

The frame of reference is important in knowing how to answer your

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