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Matt Jones jonesmat at ohsu.edu
Mon Dec 14 14:41:42 EST 1998

In article <36745AE8.6A72 at mail.chem.tamu.edu> Ernie Maynard,
maynard at mail.chem.tamu.edu writes:
>Is there a good enzyme kinetics news group out there??? I am interseted
>in allosteric interactions between proteins and the kinetics describing
>such systems.

I don't know of any groups specifically devoted to enzyme kinetics. But
often you can get good responses from "bionet.biophysics" and
"bionet.molec-model" (there's also some lame off-topic posts on the
biophysics group, so read critically). 

By the way, despite the name, this group is not an "info" source, per se.
This is an "information theory" forum. If you knew that already, and are
interested in applications of information theory to binding interactions,
I'm sure a few people here including myself would be interested in
further discussion.


Matt Jones

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