Heart models

Ken Hoekstra hoekstra at unixg.ubc.ca
Mon Dec 14 13:04:33 EST 1998

I am looking for models of 1) heart; 2) models of diseases of 
the cardiovascular system (i.e. atherosclerosis), and 3) circulatory system 
models.  These would be used for classroom demonstrations (all grades 
K-12, and beyond) and laboratory teaching aids. I have found 1 model of 
blood flow through the various chambers of the heart @ Edmund Scientific 
(www.edsci.com) but am interested in more advanced models.

Furthermore, does anyone know a source (laboratory manual; personally 
designed expts.) of classroom or more advanced laboratory experiments
(everything from simple to advanced) exploring the cardiovascular and/or 
circulatory system?

Your help greatly appreciated.

Graduate Student
University of B.C., Canada

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