Exciting Timmins Area Base Metal Play; Millstream Mines Ltd. (MLSM-CDN)

Rob Chase mlsmnospam at interlog.com
Mon Dec 14 10:41:44 EST 1998

Exciting Timmins Area Base Metal Play; Millstream Mines Ltd. (MLSM-CDN)
(Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Silver, Gold)

Millstream is MOVING! ! Up 10 cents (50%) Friday on big volume. This
could be the time get on board a truly promising mining deal.

"The deep drilling program at Millstream 's Potter Mine represents one
of the most promising current base metal exploration projects in Canada.
The drill intercepts beneath the former mine workings [success achieved
in 5 out of 11 holes drilled] have been exceptionally high grade and
demonstrate that the ore zones are increasing in thickness with depth.
However, the project's real blue sky is associated with several large
geophysical targets on the property." (John Kallaway, mining analyst at
Yorkton Sec.)

Recent Assays:

S97-08A 5.40m or 17.70 ft. 1.72%Cu,  4.93%Zn, 0.073%Co, 0.73opt Ag
S98-05 12.30m or40.36 ft 1.53%Cu, 2.05%Zn, 0.131%Co, 0.42opt Ag
S97-09 22.90m or 75.13 ft 2.65%Cu, 2.70%Zn,  0.083%Co, 0.76opt Ag
S98-06 26.76m or 87.80 ft 2.57%Cu, 1.68%Zn, 0.082%Co, 0.61opt Ag
S98-01 7.75m or 25.40 ft 5.34%Cu, 3.24%Zn, 0.067%Co, 1.16opt Ag


Do not take this person's word for it and visit the website of
Millstream Mines Ltd. at www.interlog.com/~mlsm to find out more on this
exciting base metal play with huge potential.
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