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Thanks, Richard. Also, I've been thinking about taking my camcorder around
Georgetown, shooting some footage, digitizing it, and putting that on the
website, too, as a diversion. Watch for the anouncements.


On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, Richard wrote:

> Congrats Art;
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> In article <75f52n$cfv$0 at>, Arthur Sowers
> <arthures at magpage.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >http://scientistlifeboat.com
> >
> >...is the new home for the essays "Contemporary Problems in Science Jobs."
> >There is also new material and additional topics relating to careers in
> >science, and careers in biomedical sciences in particular.
> >
> >We recommend as a "chat room" for job-career issues the internet newsgroup
> >"sci.research.careers." You'll have real freedom of speech capacity, no
> >censorship, multiple sources instead of a single source for opinons, and
> >probably a larger lurker-reader audience, too. 
> >
> >The domain, scientistlifeboat.com, is owned by my company via the
> >authority of Internic (Network Solutions), and that domain name
> >confirmation came through on Sept 30, 1998. The bill was paid. The
> >site was "on the air" a few days later.
> >
> >The general focus of my website will still be on careers. There will be
> >new material that you can't find on the other websites. Some subjects 
> >include age discrimination and the older scientist, unionization and
> >organization, and additional analysis of how "the system" works and if and
> >whether anything can be done about it. There will be information and
> >resources to help those who may be in trouble that is not of their own
> >making. 
> >
> >I will continue to do book reviews and cite titles of significant books
> >that deal directly or indirectly with careers or career issues or
> >relevant employment trends. I will continue to cite relevant websites and
> >internet resources. I will foster the idea that one should NOT get all
> >information and opinions from just one or a few sources.
> >
> >I have decided to continue to cite other websites even if they are 
> >competitors of my website, and even though you will rarely or even NEVER
> >find on those websites any reciprocal reference to my website, or any
> >other website. Some websites only acknowledge the existence of other
> >websites if they are "establishment" websites. I and my company will
> >support the philosophy that multiple opinions should be sought out on any
> >given relevant topic. 
> >
> >My website will also carry a disclosure and disclaimer, a policy and 
> >history, and mission. This is unlike many if not most other websites.
> >Please remember this as you visit websites.  
> >
> >I will continue to emphasize reality over hype and hucksterism, instead of
> >concentrating only on positive information as if negative events never
> >happen and you don't have to worry about them.
> >
> >There is already some new material on the website, and we have a up-front
> >hit statistics counter right there, out in the open. No cookies. No
> >sign-in with password. No subscription fee. No hidden marketing. You
> >can watch the hit counter, yourself, if you click on your "reload" button.
> >About 45 of the hits are my own in the course of adding or modifying files
> >and then changing the links and then checking to make sure they work.
> >There are websites where there is a link, and clicking on it dumps you 
> >into a "404" error message.
> >
> >The root word, 'scientistlifeboat,' is to indicate a benfit to
> >scientists and other technical people, and the "lifeboat" root is a
> >reference to what saves people in ocean voyages by ship where some
> >disaster strikes. A specific event burned in my mind is the maiden voyage
> >of the Titanic where there was not only unwarranted arrogance and
> >overconfidence in hyped technology (the "unsinkable") but the number of
> >passengers substantially exceeded the number of lifeboat seats. Moreover,
> >post disaster investigation showed that not even all the lifeboat seats
> >were occupied, thus contributing to additional loss. I am happy for the
> >fact that attention to safety issues is generally much stronger in
> >today's world than in the world back in the days of the Titanic. 
> >
> >There is now substantial consensus about a PhD glut in many fields,
> >underemployment, and a substantial flow of PhDs into jobs that do not
> >require a PhD (websites, books, articles, and government and other studies
> >are cited on my website about this). There seems, in contrast, and for
> >example, a larger proportion of people going through medical schools that
> >actually end up in long stable careers in medicine. 
> >
> >The website is meant to be a resource for material to help those succeed,
> >survive, salvage, or "escape" from their science career.  Reorganizations,
> >start-up business failures, grant non-renewals, tenure denials, political
> >backstabs, and age-discrimination all represent career hazards. Howver, we
> >do not worry about those who get tenure, or stable and permanent jobs. 
> >
> >Anyone who has news, suggestions, or writings on a career or science
> >career issue is invited to submit it to us for consideration in our
> >monthly "feature" section. 
> >
> >One of the "escape" scenarios that will be described and detailed, in a
> >future part of the website, will be starting your own business or
> >corporation. 
> >
> >Anyone finding anything that needs correction, please email me. Anyone
> >with a suggestion, please email me. 
> >
> >We have just opened a "bookstore" on the website as a means to defray the
> >fixed costs in running the website. The bookstore will also grow and
> >develop with time. 
> >
> >We have an office in a commercial site, which is a historic building
> >(the Samuel T. Adams building, 1866) that is now on both the national and
> >state historic registers) in Georgetown, Delaware. We're not quite all set
> >up to have visitors yet, but when we are, the pictures will be on the
> >website, and the coffee (Capucino for Marc Lamphier) for visitors will be
> >free.
> >
> >Arthur E. Sowers, PhD
> >president, Arthur E. Sowers, Inc.
> >a Delaware for-profit corporation since 1995
> >sponsoring: http://scientistlifeboat.com (under construction)
> >mailing address:
> >P.O. Box 489
> >Georgetown, DE 19947
> >email address: arthures at scientistlifeboat.com
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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