PhosphoBase v.2.0 - a phosphorylation site database

Nikolaj Blom nikob at
Mon Dec 21 05:00:00 EST 1998

Dear bionet reseachers,

We are pleased to announce that a major updated version of PhosphoBase
has just been released.

New features of PhosphoBase version 2.0 include:

- large increase in the number of data entries
- keyword-based search of the entire database
- pattern-based search for kinase motifs in your sequence
- www-links to Medline records and protein sequence databases

Medline abstract
PhosphoBase contains information about phosphorylated residues in
and data about peptide phosphorylation by a variety of protein kinases.
data are collected from literature and compiled into a common format.
current release of PhosphoBase (October 1998, version 2.0) comprises 414

phosphoprotein entries covering 1052 phosphorylatable serine, threonine
tyrosine residues. The kinetic data from peptide phosphorylation assays
approximately 330 oligopeptides is also included. The database entries
cross-referenced to the corresponding records in the Swiss-Prot protein
database and literature references are linked to MedLine records.
PhosphoBase is available via the WWW at

An article describing Phosphobase will soon appear in Nucleic Acids

"PhosphoBase, a database of phosphorylation sites: release 2.0."
Kreegipuu A, Blom N, Brunak S
Nucleic Acids Res 1999 Jan 1;27(1):237-239

Best wishes,
Nikolaj Blom

Nikolaj Blom             Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS)
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